Vegan Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough AND a NEW Website!!!


Ahhh I’m moving!  (Not homes, thank God, we just did that!)  I’ve finally done it. I’ve taken the leap.  Seemingly without a parachute.  I’ve moved to a self hosting site >gulp< and I have absolutely zero website building skills.  Hence the crickets the past month- it’s taken me that long to figure it out!  But I finally have.  And now I have a new SITE and a NEW NAME!

After over a year of being here at Scratch It, and after my dear husband finally admitted to me that he didn’t like the name just as much as I didn’t… I’m headed over to Served From Scratch.  All the great from Scratch recipes we’ve explored over the year will be there- I hope you will, too!  😀


Just follow the cookie dough…  You too, my Fiesta Friday party animals!

14 thoughts on “Vegan Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough AND a NEW Website!!!

  1. Found a bug in your site. I shared your recipe on Facebook and another window pops up thanking me for sharing. It’s an advertising window which is annoying but it also trapped me in the window and I had to re-boot. I was using my iPad. Not good! You don’t have to post this reply, it can be our secret but get that fixed if you want people to share. Don’t let advertising interfere with sharing because you need the shares. Good luck Trace


  2. Goooodbyeeee ScrachItCook, Helllooooooooooooo Served from Scratch! This recipe is a perfect way to kick it off!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS BUDDY BEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO exciting!!!!!!!!!! Amazing pic too!!


  3. Hi, Tracey. I’ve heard stories about this self-hosting thing, I hope you figure out everything. On the other hand, these are looking so good and. perfect treat to celebrate the name name and the site. Good luck and happy FF. xx

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  4. Yes, wishing you the best on your self hosting adventure! I tried it for a month then went back . . . was having sharing issues too. In any event, as long as you keep the awesome food coming we don’t care!


  5. So many people are switching to self hosting… I’d like to find those answers out too. In the meantime, your vegan chocolate cookie dough looks amazing Tracy 🙂


  6. Of course we’ll follow you to your new home…uh…I mean website! I’ve already checked it out. I thought it’s a much clever-er name! Good luck, Tracy, we’ll be in the same boat trying to figure things out 🙂


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