10 thoughts on “Corn Tortillas and Chips

  1. I want to say that I might be able to eat tacos every day too! They’re SOOO good! I’ve had this ongoing Mexican craving that I can’t shake! (this post doesn’t help). Maybe I’m just fat. HA. (Now pass the guac!)

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    • hahahaha! Ooh man I thought that this might fulfill the craving, but it only fueled it! Wait until you see the carne asada tacos we made! Ahhhh! (warning, the pictures of the tacos are not that great- it was a bday party after all and I maaayyy have had a few coronas in the sun before… 😉 )

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      • AHHH HAHAHA! AH I’m sure the technicalities of the pic won’t matter, I’ll still want to lick my computer screen.

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  2. I think your husband is my husband’s long lost brother! I’m married to another taco fiend! And I bought that same 5 lb bag of masa. Except I don’t have a tortilla press 😦 I want those carne asada!! Definitely perfect fiesta food!

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    • Hahaha well aren’t we some smart women? Best type of fiends out there- they’re easy and affordable! And gurrrlll… do yourself a favor and get a tortilla press!! Or drop the hinty-hint to your taco fiend hubby! $10 on amazon…. worth every peso! 😉


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