26 thoughts on “Nutella : Scratched It.

  1. Thanks for sharing! I can’t have nutella due to a milk allergy, but I have a dairy free milk chocolate. With your recipe, I just might be able to adapt it! Happy FF, and have a wonderful weekend! (I hope you get to try this nutella once lent is over as it looks tasty.)


  2. I would happily come over and have some! Though I am a wimp with sweet things and would probably only manage one slice of toast, but I can imagine how good it would be. Sorry you have the pain of having it there but not eating it! A good thing you shared it with Fiesta Friday, I suspect a few people will help take it off ypur hands 🙂


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  4. Son of a! I just drooled on myself— (like for real… not just saying it.) This looks SOOO good, your pictures are torturing me! (And are SOO good by the way, this is up their with your peanut butter pic, you’re so good at picture taking! I’d have no idea how to photograph this and you nailed it)- I think this will be a verrrryyy popular from scratch item! 😉

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    • hahaha I KNOW. It’s crazy. Last night I blended it into some homemade banana ice cream (just frozen bananas and coconut milk) for friends we had over for dinner and silently sobbed to myself as they ate it 😉


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